Monday, December 26, 2011

Sappy Sentiments

The holiday season is a fantastic, fun-filled, yet frantic time of year. We look forward to it, and then curse it (crowds and costly purchases), and then love it again. On one particularly busy morning, I actually forgot to take off my glasses before washing my face! But, if we're lucky, when the credit-card dust finally settles, and the time has come to simply enjoy the laughter and love that epitomizes the season, we feel joy, gratitude, and maybe even wistfulness for the next holiday season.

It may be safe to say that what the season means to us changes as we (gracefully) get older. What starts out as gifts, family, friends, and food, slowly turns and friends (okay, and maybe food!). As the older generation of loved ones age and the newer generation grows, we start taking "snapshots" of the special moments--husbands, wives, mothers, brothers, sisters, cousins, parents, grandparents, and friends watching all the children while chatting about life and events, mindlessly caressing babies and toddlers within reach; having conversations and making comparisons about life past and present; enjoying friendly debates about technology, education, entertainment, and life...these are all the best parts of the season.

As the years go on and loved ones are lost, these times become even more precious, and though the laughter and yumminess remains, health and well-being come into focus. There are new discussions about delicious, healthy recipes, physical fitness, and stress-management. For me, these family and friend gatherings fall into the stress-management category, as there is always laughter involved, and what's better for the soul than that?? Perspective is often gained in these moments, although we seem to constantly need these events to re-establish perspective! All the better reason to continue having them!

Now, many people don't believe that any one day gives cause to start "resolutions" or new endeavours. Many people think it's just another day and why wait for a "special" day to start something new? I am not one of those people. I like the idea of certain times and days in our lives signifying "newness." Then again, I've always been a list-maker. It's just part of ME. So, as we embark on a new year, I feel it's an exiting time to re-evaluate our lives and set some goals (or re-institute older, previously failed goals!). There's no shame in trying again, whatever the endeavour may be, whether it's educational, vocational, spiritual, physical, etc.

So, here's to all the beautiful people who make my world (and the rest of the world) a special place, and to love, health, happiness, possibility, and dreams!

Happy New Year, and welcome 2012!!

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