Sunday, August 21, 2011

Healthy Travel

Knowing what to pack and how to maintain one's health when travelling is always a challenge! Obviously checking the weather for your destination can help with the first problem (along with the good sound advice of a loved one who will let you know whether certain items are a definite NO!), but health necessities take a bit more thought. Here are a few basic suggestions for the health dilema:

1. digestive enzymes if food indulgence is on the list of activities!
2. vitamin D if heading somewhere less than sunny,
3. vitamin C to keep immunity up for stress on body during travel
4. probiotics to keep gut healthy (Trophic has product that's stable at room temp)
5. olive leaf extract as antibacterial/antiviral

With these tips, plus an open mind to new experiences, any vacation can be better!

Bon Voyage!

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