Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Aftermath!

Popping buttons and the desperate need for stretchy pants, all the while swearing off food for an eternity...until the leftovers start calling your name. Sali-vation, tempation, celebration! Ahh! Is there anything more detrimental to a well-balanced nutrition and exercise plan than fabulous family festivities!?! Not in my books! But here it is, only days after the feast, with wonderful memories and no regrets.

Food, really good food, when eaten in the presence of love and delight, cannot be bad for the soul. The daily consumption of holiday foods can definitely be bad for the body, but a wise man once said that if you eat these foods regularly, then it's not a treat. How right he was! And there was never a gain to be had from lamenting the consumption of food made and eaten with gratitude and love.

All too often, people who have struggled with their weight their whole lives look at the holidays as scary--a test of will. The joy fades into the backdrop and the only thing present in their minds is the ramification of eating these deliciously crafted, sumptiously selected foods. It's so sad to me that the all the love that went into the cooking, baking, marinating, barbecuing, garnishing, and seasoning gets lost in feelings of self-deprication and judgement.

So, start every new day with gratitude that you have loved ones to share great meals with, and keep doing everything else right in order to honour yourself with positive, healthy habits. That way, when any holiday comes a-knockin', your only thoughts will be of gratefulness and great-full-ness!

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